Option to share the true coordinates of obscured observations when joining a project from the app

Platform(s): mobile

Description of need:
When joining a project from the Android App, the option to share the true coordinates of obscured observation is not available. This can be a huge practical problem for data gathering through projects, as numerous people use iNaturalist from the app.

Feature request details:
Please add an option to share true coordinates of obscured observations with project admins when joining a project from the app.

I’ve just sent a feature request very similar to this one -and I was searching for similar topics but I found this just after I submitted mine!.. apologies to the moderators, I can’t withdrawn it but I hope it is not approved.

My only sightly different comment is that users should be asked if they want to trust the project with the obscured (and private?) coordinates when they join the project (app and web, as I don’t think it is requested from the web either… but I’m realizing I’m not really sure).

This is really important for some users without easy access to computers -I’m training some park-rangers, all have smartphones but not all of them have easy access to computers, or have more problems using the website than the app, or even don’t remember the user/password as they only use it to login in the app by first time).



Hello Daviles, I totally agree with you. Many people want to share their observation, however doing it from a PC can be challenging. I hope this feature will be implemented soon!

We won’t be adding new features to the current apps, so if implemented it won’t be for a while.

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This sincerely surprise me. Since a lot of people use iNat through mobile devises, apps should be constantly improved.

I’m not sure if you clicked the link, but the apps are being completely redesigned.


@tiwane any update on the situation? Any chance that the feature will be implemented in the app?

The new app is still being developed and we’re making progress but beyond that I can’t say anything concrete, I’m sorry.