Use and Intent for "Places"

To inform future management actions, I am working on a vascular plant species checklist for my home. To filter my iNat observations for the property, I created a “Place.”

Because it is private property, does this fit the intent of iNat “Places?” I am also curious if there is a way to make it private on the site.

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Youu may set your observations’ location as hidden, then use a traditional project with your createdplace and manually add obs in the project, but project is visible to anyone.
You can use your place and it won’t be private, but nobody would check it as to find it you need to search for its name, but everyone’s obs within place boundaries will be shown.


A “Place” is really for the use and benefit of everyone on iNat so making a place that is only for you isn’t ideal. Making a traditional project (as mentioned above) is probably the best way to go.


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