Use computer vision suggestion in text field to facilitate typing species in the app

When you know a species’ (scientific) name and the Computer Vision suggests the correct genus, on the website you can just select the CV genus suggestion and start typing in the species epitheton. In this example, CV suggested Suillia, I selected it and can continue typing the species name:

This is however not possible in the app: selecting a suggestion directly leads you to the taxon page, or (pressing the check mark) back to the upload form, where clicking on the name then brings you back, while the entry field is cleared again:

I really miss this feature, as to me, typing on the small screen should be reduced as much as possible, especially when being in the field.

So an option to get to an editing mode (e.g. long pressing the CV suggestion or change the use of the check mark button) would make species entry in the app mcuh easier.

for what it’s worth, you don’t need to type the full genus in many cases. for example, just typing “sui var” would pull back a list with just a few items, including Suillia variegata.


I know, and I do this.
Still not the same :-)

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We’re not going to be implementing this, so I’ll close this request.