Use geolocation information from photo instead of phone

The seek app allows users to post their observation photos to iNaturalist. I will sometimes use photos from my photo roll when I am no longer at the location of the observation. Seek should use the location of the photo and not current location of the phone when observations are posted like this.

Seek is intentionally designed to not collect location information so as to make it friendly for minors to use.

it is now possible to have seek collect location info for adding data to iNat (per the most recent update). However, if you’re at the point where you are adding photos later, anything liek that, you’d honestly probably be better off just using the iNaturalist app. Otherwise, you’ll just be asking for the creation of the iNat app in Seek which doesn’t’ seem useful.
An option to import one’s life list from iNat back to Seek might be a better route, that way you can use either app to add it and still get it on your Seek list too.

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Currently, if I’m in California and I import a photo I took in Hawaii last week, Seek will use my current date and location and say I saw that species today in California. This affects not only an observation that will be shared with iNat, but it also affects one’s “My Obsevations” list within Seek itself - and that cannot be edited like and iNat observation can. So I think it’s an improvement regardless of whether or not you are using Seek to post to iNat.

This is actually in beta right now and it’s looking good - it will likely be out later this week. Here is a photo I took the other week in the Mojave desert but posted today from Oakland, Calfornia: I’ll delete it in a day or so.


Looks like it shows up in the right place, east of Ridgecrest California?

Yeah. In the current version of Seek, that location and date, unedited, would be current - Oakland and June 25tth.

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This should be out in the current version. If you see any issues, please file a bug report.