Using iNat in foreign Countries

I have a trip to Costa Rica planned for the end of May. I am studying up and planning my days now so any advice or tips would be appreciated. Will I have any issues with using the website or the app in a foreign country?

Hello, I haven’t been to Costa Rica, but I have used iNat in 8 countries on 3 continents so far and have never experienced any issues. I don’t think iNat is blocked in any country since it’s totally apolitical.
The only small issue I have to remember while traveling is to change the time zone in my camera, otherwise the time of observations may be wrong.
Enjoy your trip and hopefully you’ll have a lot of amazing observations! :)


Even if you do have problems with internet connection, I believe the app works offline just fine. You’ll just have to wait until you get connection again in order to upload and use the AI for ID’s.


I never use the mobile app, so my strategy, whether it be for the day, a road trip, or a trip to Costa Rica, has been to try to take decent notes regarding locality and other details that relate to my obs/photos. Making sure that your metadata timestamp on the camera is set helps a lot. Then I match up the details and upload everything from my laptop once I’m back home. I always want to sort and tidy up the images before uploading anyhow. I can usually figure out precisely where I was from satellite imagery, but dropping some lat/longs from a GPS into my notes definitely helps in certain habitats and locations.


When I travel, always lost my phone, so my advice would be that, at the end of each day, upload photos to the cloud, whatever you have.


I use a cheap handheld GPS and sync the track at the end of the day with the photos in lightroom. It works really well unless I forget to change time zones in my camera.

The only issues I’ve seen people talk about is loading the maps in mainland China, probably because google is blocked there


There are no foreign countries.


Cuba also gave problems with maps…and in Italy i got an iNat italian interface

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