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I would like to record what birds are eating in the photographs I post. So far I’ve been using “Name of associated plant” but I just realized there are a bunch of fields with “eating” in them and am a little confused about what I should use.

You can use any that you see as fit for your needs, you also can check how many obsevations with each of them (click on them and choose to see all obs. with that field).
I hope you meant that you used “Name of associated plant” for other needs, not for bird food?

I think this means what plant species are being eaten, not what bird species are doing the eating.

I know what this obs. field is for, it’s just not clear in context of text how exactly this field was used, so I found that it’d be safer to ask.

I DID use it to report what birds are eating (reporting only eating from natural sources not human-provided bird seed) because I didn’t know there were other options. It’s a feature I haven’t used much, and I didn’t realize you have to start typing some version of what you want to report to reveal the choices. I haven’t done it with that many observations so I can certainly go back and make changes. @fffffffff Where do I click to see all observations. with a particular field?

You need to delete those then. There’re hundreds of fields, this one is, as it says, mainly for naming plant for observations of insects found on it.
Left click on the added field:

Thanks for your help. I couldn’t figure out from your photo where to do this. I’m not an experienced iNat. user.

ok I think I’ve figured it out. I just corrected 2 observations and mine were the only ones with that field and value. I guess people don’t often do this? Here’s one example:

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