Using without_taxon_id in a project not removing all taxa

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

Link 1: List of species in phylum Basidiomycota included in the Plant Diseases Umbrella Project, excluding species in subphyla Pucciniomycotina and Ustilaginomycotina (but some are still included)

Link 2 (for comparison): List of all species in phylum Basidiomycota included in the Plant Diseases Umbrella Project

Screenshots of what you are seeing:
Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Description of problem:

  • Using the ‘without_taxon_id’ tag in an explore search does not remove all subsumed taxa. This is an issue I have not seen before when using this tag. For context, this is a search for species included in a particular project, which may be relevant.

Step 1: Go to Link 1 (Photo 1), which has the tag ‘without_taxon_id=416490,951335’ to remove taxa in subphyla Pucciniomycotina (416490) and Ustilaginomycotina (951335).

Step 2: In comparison to Link 2 (Photo 2), most taxa within these subphyla are removed, but not all, such as Allodus podophylli, which falls under Pucciniomycotina.

Edit: Changed title to specify query is within a project

I didn’t look super close, but possibly an indexing issue. Have there been any taxon or ancestry changes for the problematic groups?

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I don’t see any relevant taxon changes within either subphylum, but it’s possible there is a problematic taxon change at a lower taxonomic level I haven’t seen.

After looking again, I see that the observation numbers are greatly reduced for the taxa that are in the ‘without_taxon_id’ query. As a result, I believe this may be an indexing issue with projects specifically, since they often run into the issue of including observations that no longer meet the criteria of the project. In the same way that the California Endemic Species project includes observations initially IDed as endemic species that have IDs reverted to non-endemic species, the Plant Diseases Umbrella Project includes many observations that were thought to be a gall, etc. that turn out to be part of the plant itself. I’m not sure how this would relate to the without_taxon_id tag, but it seems indexing is difficult in massive collection projects.

I reindexed all the observations that were originally returned by Link 1. Look any better now?

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Yes! Thank you so much @pleary! Is there a solution for the larger indexing issues with colleciton projects like the Plant Diseases Umbrella and California Endemic Species? Would it be worth starting a separate forum thread on this?