Export Observations Not Taking without_taxon_id into account

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If I do a search on the website providing without_taxon_id to exclude butterflies from lepidoptera, it works.

(ie. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/?hrank=species&lrank=species&place_id=27585&subview=table&taxon_id=47157&without_taxon_id=47224,47654&view=species&user_id=marknenadov)

However, if I try to export that query, butterflies are included it does not work.


If I look at the CVS this (a butterfly) is included.

6598101,2017-06-11,http://inaturalist.ca/observations/6598101,https://inaturalist-open-data.s3.amazonaws.com/photos/8376500/medium.jpg?1497225895,Papilio cresphontes,Eastern Giant Swallowtail,Insecta

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Can you please send the CSV to help@inaturalist.org so we can take a look?

Nevermind, I can replicate with my own observations. I’ve added this to my weekly report.

Thanks! I really appreciate it. I am sorry I didn’t see/respond to your original message.

Should be fixed now, can you please try again?

When I click “Download” without_taxon_id is not automatically carried over into the observation URL as other fields are… However, if I manually add it to the observation url box, it does work! It’s not super convenient, but workable. I’d definitely like if it just automatically was added in, but this is good enough. Thank you!

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Thanks, we’ll take a look.

The fix for this was rolled out a few weeks ago and it’s looking good for me.

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