View all photos still not working

This bug is still persisting for me, the original bug report thread was locked so I’m posting separately.

Steps to reproduce:

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Hi Kevin, can you include a screenshot(s)? And, can you clarify what you you mean by “If I change the settings”? Thanks!

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not logged in

I mean that when I load the page it gives the first link I provided, but then when I change any of the settings in the bar at the top (e.g. changing quality grade to research, then change it back) then it changes the URL and shows the terms_id parameter.

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i can only reproduce this with a very specific set of steps. note that Wikstroemia uva-ursi has no observations that have “No Evidence of Flowering” in its phenology annotation. so then:

  1. open a taxon that has been annotated with “No Evidence of Flowering”. (i used Nyssa.) look for just photos from observations with No Evidence of Flowering.
  2. now in the same window, search for Wikstroemia uva-ursi in the upper-right corner of the screen, and pull up that taxon.
  3. look at the photos for that taxa (my screenshot below, with network monitor). note that although the screen shows that it is looking for phenology=any, it’s doing it while looking only among observations that have a phenology annotation (shown the parameters of the network request as &term_id=12). normally, you would expect that it would search any observation, regardless of whether it has an observation or not.
  4. if you now pick any phenology annotation (ex. flowering), and then change it back to any, you’ll see that now you get everything back:

Changing the phenology to flowering, and then changing it back did fix the issue for me. When I refresh the page now it shows all observations.

Maybe there was some variable stored on the server which got updated just now and that solved the problem for me. Probably still worthwhile that staff take a look and try to fix whatever was causing the problem serverside for me so that other users don’t get taken by surprise with this.

The bug that pisium found seems to be related, but not what I initially reported.

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right. in my steps, that variable was the “No evidence of flowering” phenology annotation, which doesn’t exist for Wikstroemia uva-ursi observations.

right. they previously fixed a very similar problem noted in that other issue that you linked. what i’ve described is a slight variant of that, which i suppose hasn’t been fixed yet.

if you know how to reproduce your problem without doing something like what i described, then there may be another issue. so then if you can figure out what that trigger is in your situation, then that may need to be fixed as well. (i’m pretty sure what you described = what i described, but if you think they are different, then you’ll need to provide more details on how someone else can reproduce your issue, i think.)

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Yes. When I first posted this bug, just clicking the first link (opening view all photos in a brand new tab) would reproduce the bug and not load all images. I did not have to click anywhere on the page at all and it would only load 8 photos.

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Thanks @pisum, I made a bug report:

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I mostly focus on insects and it happens really often. Sometimes there are even no photos at all, instead showing a text, something like “no observation yet” (approximative translation). If I click on an option (e.g. life stage, license, etc.) and choose any, then I get more pictures, even though these options were already selected before. The URL changes.
For example:
changes to

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not sure if these are related, but they occur on the same screen, and i wonder if it would be efficient while tackling this to also tackle this other bug:

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First, I see more than 8 photos when I searched the original plant. I have previously seen some where few images display though, for other taxa. Two basic steps I do are make sure all the filters are for all/any, and if I came to the page from Explore, I go back to Explore and set location to global, not a specific location. I’m unsure if location can affect it. Lastly, sometimes when I open taxa pages view images, a filter like male or female is still on from some previous taxa page I viewed. Unsure why that occurs, but I also uncheck it.

We released a fix for this today.