Cannot add new annotation to phenology

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Step 1: Navigate to the page. There are buds on the two stems to the upper right.

Step 2: Another user has marked the observation as “No evidence of flowering” No other option is available, I can only disagree.

Step 3: I assume I have to wait for the previous annotation to be rescinded before the other options become available again.

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There’s no bug in this situation.

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The person who marked no evidence of flowering was last active yesterday.
You could send them a PM or @ mention them in a comment, explaining that there is budding, and ask them to change the annotation.

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I think this is intentional; at least it’s the way many other annotations work (which can be problematic from a data quality perspective).

That is, a plant could never have both “no evidence of flowering” and be “flower budding”, so the system won’t present the budding option for either the observer themselves or other users to add. Until the “no evidence of flowering” annotation is removed by the observer.

Similarly it’s not possible to downvote an animal as not being female and then also mark it as male.


If you’re frustrated by the way iNat behaves in relation to these annotations, you might be interested in my feature request:

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