Viewing profile page gives mole error

Platform: website

Browser : Chrome


Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem:

Step 1: Clicking on my profile from the home page gives me the mole error.

Step 2: Viewing other people’s profiles works normally.

Edit: now getting the same error for other people too, e.g.

I’m having this problem too. I thought the person I was looking for blocked me after a very one-sided bicker. But now I’m noticing it with other users.


If I click Nick’s name here on my feed:

I can view his profile fine.

BUT, if I type his name into the search bar and try to view his profile via the ‘About’ button, gives me the error. works doesn’t work

So it seems like the problem may be using the user’s ID vs their actual name?

Ah, I was wondering what was up with that as well! I was worried the person I was looking up had deleted their account.


Me too. @thebeachcomber I click on the names and it still does that. Also, there is another bug report reporting the exact same thing. At the same time too.

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Closing to focus at the existing bug report