Viewing the full list of species for an area?

Is there any way to see the full list of species that occur in a region? In the “Explore” section I can narrow it down to Plants in California, and it tells me there are 9,557 species. But it only shows a small section of the most commonly observed ones, and I’m interested in seeing the least commonly observed species.

You could in theory go to the Explore tab, filter to your choices and then export the data into a csv and do the analysis in excel, sheets or the tool of your choice. Actually at over 1 million records, unless you date filter your export, that is too large for excel, but other tools can handle it.

You can’t reorder the list of species in the species view beyond the default most observed, and as you note it is limited to 500 records. That 500 limit is intentional to avoid generating massive result sets that could blow up server response.

You can see a complete list of California plants by going to the California places checklist and filtering to plants.

That will even include species on the checklist but not seen. While it indicates if it has been seen or not, it does not indicate observation volume.

Thank you! I guess it’s just too resource-intensive to show the full lists in search…makes sense. Oh well. I should be able to do what I need to with the places checklist though.

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