How to browse to all species observed in a region (exceeting 1000+)


in regions with high numbers of species, the species list will be cut of at a certain point. For example, searching for plants in the region of Bogota will tell you there are +1600 species observed. However, I am not able to scroll through all of them. Is there some way to do that, e.g. reverse the order in a way that shows the species with least observations first?

I ask because the number of plant species observed is ridiculously high, because a lot of observations are cultivated plants from the side of the streets or the botanical garden… I am right now cleaning up a bit, but I do suspect a lot of the species with only a few numbers of observations actually adding up to the number of species, but I don´t know how to easily reach them to have a look.

There’re some solutions mentioned here:


Thanks, the thing with the API works

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