Viewing why a post was flagged

I guess this is probably off topic too, but it wasn’t clear to me why @mamestraconfigurata’s post was flagged. It seems to be that it was considered off topic? Or maybe I’m missing something?

I find it a little ironic that we didn’t know why the flag was there given that the discussion was about providing explanations (or the lack thereof) for identifications saying that observations are not idable to a given level. Maybe there should be some way to see why a flag has been placed as that would be a valuable learning experience (as commenters above have noted)…

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I added a “notice” to the post, which should, in addition to Mira’s response, help explain the moderation decision.

I also moved your post to the Forum Feedback category.

Nothing that I received let me know why my post was flagged and removed. And no, I don’t want to know who complained about it. The language of the post may have been a bit vague, but I was talking about a blurred photo that a person was kind enough to reply to in a constructive manner. I didn’t insult anyone, or mention names. Or even links. One of your guidelines says ‘Assume people mean not harm’. I’m seriously ticked off by this.


I was a little ticked off too! And I have to say, topics getting split all over the place is just as confusing, if not more so, than a topic that strays (loosely) off topic…


Blocking a post seems heavy-handed to me, even if the discussion strayed from the original subject. I guess my response to the blocked post should also have been blocked, eh?

We’re not robots and we’re not engaged in high-level talks at the U.N. Some wandering in the discussion is nothing serious.

There is always the likelihood that one line of discussion will shift into another. If that happens, the moderator can add a comment if needed to keep it on track. Should be no big deal.