Visual distinction of Galanthus woronowii from Galanthus nivalis

Hey, question in the name. I googled that leafs of woronowii curved more, but it doesn’t seem to be reliable distinction.

On related note: what the best way (website may be?) to find differences between similar species? Besides simple googling

I think a web search is a good first step, unless you have a botanical library available. I usually search using botanical name + identification key, and that often works well. Here, “galanthus identification key” turned up “Spring Snowdrop Identification” from the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland, which has a key, photos, and descriptions.
If you’re interested in stuff not commonly cultivated, you could add “flora” and maybe the country of interest to your search terms. Google scholar can be a good place to look for more technical identification literature on non-cultivated groups.
After you’d exhausted the do-it-yourself options, you could always try messaging one of iNaturalist’s top identifiers for the group and asking them for ID tips or resource suggestions. Sometimes someone has made helpful journal posts on ID, for example.

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Thanks for advises, i will try that!

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