Vulnerable bumble bees not obscured?

Maybe I’m just looking at something wrong–but I thought whenever a species is considered vulnerable, the location is obscured? Yet, when checking on some bumble bee observations, I’m not seeing the usual box that indicates that the location is hidden. I logged out to check and see if the box was restored but no. I ended up obscuring some coordinates for my observations manually because in some cases those vulnerable bees were on private land.

Without specific examples (taxa, URLs of observations) it’s almost impossible to diagnose the issue. There are multiple possible causes here.

More broadly, is it detrimental to the species/habitat if its location is public on iNat? Is it threatened by collection?

Probably not–I just wondered because the locations were obscured before and now not–at least I could see mine even after logging out. Here’s one at a local park if that helps:

I was just surprised because I thought they were automatically obscured, so wasn’t concerned about obscuring my neighbor’s yard. As I said, I did manually obscure that one to be safe.

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You can see whether a taxon is auto-obscured by going to its taxon page(eg and clicking on the Status tab:

Looks like this is not automatically obscured. If you think it should be, flag it via the Curation menu (under the graphs).

Ok, thank you.