Want to know more about what an iNat Curator does and see how they do it?

Want to know about what an iNat Curator does and see how they do it? Please join iNat Forum Moderator and iNat Curator Bouteloua (Cassi Saari) on the iNaturalist Discord Server this Saturday, April 18th at 6pm Central time (US-Chicago time zone) to learn more.

If you’re not already using Discord, you can get it here or on the Apple App Store or Google Play for mobile. Set up takes only a few minutes using the server invite link above. The presentation will take place in the :speaker: General voice channel, and all you need to do is click “Join Stream” once the screen share begins.

Please reach out in advance if you need assistance with getting set up to listen to/watch the presentation. Of course, once you’re set up, feel free to have a look around the server. The Dronefly Discord bot allows you to examine iNat data and there are active discussions in many channels.

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This is 1 AM for me, is there any hope this can be saved for future viewing somehow? :)


same here :-(

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(convenient link to view event date & time in your own timezone)

As far as I know there isn’t a recording option within Discord, but if someone wants to message me about options for recording on my own end, feel free and I can try to get it set up (Windows 10 here). I’d also be happy to do it again for other audiences at more convenient times, and/or using some other app like Zoom or whatever. We did this last weekend too and it was fun hearing some of y’all’s voices for the first time. :)

One important note: some people who were using Discord in their web browser were having difficulty viewing the screen. If you’re using a computer, download the actual Discord software rather than trying to view it within Firefox/Chrome/Safari/etc. https://discordapp.com/download

To help decide if you want to join in, note that this chat is pretty introductory, less for experienced curators and more for people who are new to curation or considering becoming a curator (iNat definitely needs more!) That said, if you’re already an experienced curator, feel free to join in as it helps to have others’ perspectives! Here’s a basic outline:

  • Who are iNaturalist Curators?
  • What Curators can & can’t do
  • Taxonomic curation
    • External authorities & policies
    • Adding missing species
    • Ungrafted taxa
    • Taxon changes
    • Locked & “complete” taxa
    • Taxon framework relationships
  • Editing geoprivacy
  • Spam patrol & false positive spam resolution
  • Resolving flags
  • Community Guidelines & moderation
  • How to become a Curator
  • Additional resources
  • Q&A - you can submit questions ahead of time here

“tonight!” (view event date & time in your own timezone)

Being an iNaturalist Curator

a voice chat and screenshare on the iNaturalist Discord Server

To attend, download Discord’s software or mobile app (there are apparently issues viewing the screen from their browser version)

  • Join the iNaturalist Discord server: https://discord.gg/eCD4WvT
  • Under Voice Channels, open the General chat a little before it starts
  • Once I start screen sharing, you will need to click to Join Stream
  • We will have a concurrent text chat at the channel called #v-of-the-c too
  • Please mute yourself when not talking :)

You can submit questions ahead of time here.

Hope to “see” some of you there! :blush:

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