We want you to license your iNaturalist photos before April 15th!

My only concern with licensing my images for creative commons is many of the images I use to identify species are also for sale as prints on my website. In licensing these CC their value is gone for my sales as a professional photographer. Is there a way to create professional accounts for scientific use with limited licenses? I certainly don’t want just anyone to be able to use my images.


If your livelihood depends on your keeping copyright, by all means keep full rights! We appreciate your sharing the data, and the photos allow us to validate the data points so they can be used for research, even as you may keep the photo rights for yourself.
This is more for the average user – the large majority of users lose nothing by licensing their images.


it’s April 15th! is this officially launched now? i wonder when the new metadata files will be published? (it doesn’t look like there are new files out there at the moment.)

from iNaturalist Licensed Observation Images - Registry of Open Data on AWS:

Images are posted in real time, and we are currently copying over images from existing observations. Metadata is updated weekly.


Yes, I saw that, but I don’t think it’s 100% clear how changes to existing images are processed as opposed to newly posted images. I suspect they might be added to the queue with a relatively low priority.

Just an update that we are officially launched! https://www.inaturalist.org/blog/49564-inaturalist-licensed-observation-images-in-the-amazon-open-data-sponsorship-program
thanks to everyone who has licensed their photos - looks like we are now up to 70% which is a nice round number at least!