Web/API tool to identify observations of 1 (or less than 5) species in a particular area

Has anyone ever created a webtool to see which species are the only species of that type in a certain area?
I recently got myself a macro photography setup and my favorite place to inat is not-heavily inatted, and I find that I have been posting a lot of firsts for my area (Key Biscayne, FL and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park).
I have become very committed to the mission of documenting as many species as I can within Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and I’d like to see which of my observations (or of others) are the only species in the area.


There is a place by that name so that would be a good place to start: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=129494&subview=table&view=species

The place has no checklist but one could be created, I suppose: https://www.inaturalist.org/places/bill-baggs-cape-florida-state-park

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The iNat analysis script I made for CNCs and bioblitzes can do that. You have to run it manually, but I’m happy to run it for you every now and then if you want. It produces reports like this: https://waterpigs.co.uk/inat/cnc-graz-2023.html

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How interesting!! This is exactly what I had in mind…
I’d like to make a collection of unique species to my area.
I am well aware that many of my “Key Biscayne only” or “Bill Baggs State Park only” are due to my fascination/interest in insects and doing regular walks with the purpose of finding small insects to document with my macro camera.
Many of my “only” species might be fairly common on my island, but just go unnoticed or undocumented.
I am making an effort to capture everything I can just for records purposes, so if you could run this for me I would appreciate it!
Im very curious to know.

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since you have projects set up that cover your two places of interest, you could use @kildor’s species tool (https://kildor.name/inat/species) to figure this. out. fill in the first input box with the project id or slug, the second with your used id, and select the appropriate option for the third box.

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