What are the best bird feeders for australian birds

I have tried multiple bird feeder types and only one of them worked but it was just a pot sitting on a shelter and i have moved out of the house were i used the feeder. now i cant figure out what kind of feeder to use. do any of you have any requests?

Forget feeders, a shallow bird bath / water at a height that cant be accessed by cats is the go to attract native birds.


It depends on what type of birds you’re trying to attract and the feeding strategies they employ as well as their preferred foods.

Different types of bird feeders are designed to appeal to birds employing different feeding strategies, and which birds come to your feeder will depend on the prevalence of birds using that strategy in your area.

The best approach in looking for a suitable bird feeder would be to get more information on the types of birds found in your area, and of those which ones you’re trying to attract, then look for bird feeders that are applicable to that type of feeding strategy.

Placement of the feeder in your yard also makes a big difference. For example, some birds are fine feeding in exposed areas, while others won’t do so due to the increased danger of predation.


I would say - and this goes for all birds everywhere - that if you can, the best bird feeders are the plants and insect life in your garden! In short, plant the right stuff and they will come.


okay, I will try making a bird bath.

lets say grey fantails or galahs.

Grey Fantails (Rhipidura albiscapa) are insectivorous and Galahs (Eolophus roseicapilla) are largely ground feeding seed eaters.

Two different feeding strategies, means two different methods necessary to attract them.

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