What can I do about inappropriate photos?

I’m pretty new to the community, and I’ve got a problem how to react in some cases. I’ve found a user in Vietnam, posting photos of cars as “observations”, and another person in Europe, publishing photos of animals on their TV screen - the quality leaves no doubts about this. Is there a way to deal with it?

Observations of man made objects can be IDd as human and I think animals on TV screen can be flagged for copyright violation. Also check this page https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/responses for responses to such observations


You can also flag the image or the post. The image flag is one of three notifications at the bottom of the picture (I’m using Windows based pc’s). The link to post flag is at the bottom of the page.
Keep in mind that new users sometimes use a person or a pet as a ‘test’ so a message is a good first step. 10 images would be cause for concern i.e. flag. If images are from a TV, there may be copyright issues. A car photo should be an automatic flag. This happens every now and then, and repetitive flagging will often result in the user being suspended by the Admins.
As with most things, your response should depend on a number of things. It helps to remember the first rule of iNat - assume people mean no harm!


This happens all the time here in Vietnam, regularly it is businesses trying to sell a property. No idea why they think it’ll work!


Best to visit the user’s profile – first check the profile description for spammy text. Then check the user’s lists and projects for spammy text (many of the spammers have used these dodges in the past to get past iNat’s filters). If you find any spam, please flag the user.
Spam filters have gotten much, much better, but some still gets through.

Possibly fully automated.
Social media? Tick.
Reader is in, or interested in, Vietnam? Tick.
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The title of this may be slightly misleading. I’ll answer similar to how others did. The first question is if anything an observer uploaded could still qualify for casual grade. If so, vote “no evidence of organism” in Data Quality (or choose other applicable options) at the bottom of the page. If not, you could flag the observation or contact iNat. In this way, there shouldn’t be a persistent problem of “wrong” photos coming from any one observer, since it can be noted/fixed quickly.



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