What careers are available in bio for photographers?

Hi :wave: I love nature, love posting on the app. I could spend hours combing the beach or looking at plants and creatures in the bush…I want to take that enthusiasm and somehow use my photography with it. What careers are available in this field for photographers or are there any entry level positions where you can be out in the field to learn a specific trade or skill without a degree in sciences? I’m afraid that ship has sailed for me but my love for nature remains. Any advice or feedback is appreciated!!

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It depends on your country and your own skills. The best photographers work for top magazines, going in trips, etc. Probably there’re smaller magazines writing about something local and if they don’t have own reporter/source of photography yet, they can either hire you or pay for your work.
Other thing is work for national parks and so on (not sure how those are called for other countries and even which system they have), they usually have own photographer but can be in need, also they have other works to do that you can combine with photography.


If you are an accomplished nature photographer and also comfortable/adept in the field, you may consider something less-science-y like guiding photo tours. There is actually a target demographic that regularly spends thousands of dollars to have someone take them somewhere, find specimens in situ to photograph, helps them with approach/how to do it, and handles the other “schtuff” like lodging, food, etc.

Unfortunately, not all these guides maintain unshakable reverence to the nature the live off of and follow the mantra of leave-no-trace without exception… but most do and it is a respectable trade. You could then contribute all your field photographs to observations here! Ha!

Two cents from the peanut galley… /c

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