What counts as recent evidence of organism? Casual sighting or not?

Might be a dumb question but when do you place the casual mark on observations that deal with evidence of a species. Here’s a couple examples.

Artificial bird nest designed to target identified species:

Mark as casual by @fogartyf for “Evidence of Organism” which makes sense.

Bird nest identified to the species that created the nest:

Now, I have no doubt the nest was created by Red-tails but since it’s been taken over by owls, the evidence of Red-tails being in the vicinity is not all that recent. Should a sighting like that receive the casual mark?

So I guess this can lead into a broad variety of questions. Should inactive nests or winter nests even received the research grade mark? Because I think of data quality and it would odd let’s say Montana gets a January House Wren sighting because someone cleaned a box. Thanks for helping me understand the data quality.

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The “Recent evidence of organism” generally means the evidence is not more than about 100 years old: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/help#quality It’s mainly there to root out fossils and such.


Presumably an informative description field and/or some appropriate annotation can help people exclude this type of observation out of whatever reckonings they are making.

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