What do pink teardrops on Observation map signify?

OK, so I’ve been through the iNat Help pages and I can’t seem to find an answer on this. When looking at the map view of my observations, I’m seeing larger pink teardrops, some with the letters A-Z in them (see below showing screenshot). I’m understanding all of the icons on the map except for the significance of the larger pink teardrops (except for the fact that the ones with a white ‘dot’ represent ‘research grade’ observations). What are these larger pink teardrops reflecting? And why is there a set of them with the letters A through Z?

Can you please provide a URL for this page?

those are your most recent observations with the filters that you’re currently using (A is most recent, then B-Z, then the rest are just signified with the dots)



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OK, that makes sense. But when you say “most recent,” what exactly does that mean? I’m looking at the Your Observations page, with 200 showing per page. I’m just now seeing the pink teardrops to the left of each Observation (doh!), and indeed the most recent Observation shows the pink teardrop with “A” and so on down the list. But as I scroll down that list, all I keep seeing are pink teardrops. Strangely, when I proceed to the Next set of 200, as the page populates, I can initially see the correct icons/symbols to the left of each Observation, but then that gets replaced by a pink teardrop? And least in this list view, none of my Observations (the earliest being Jan 20th I think) show anything but a pink teardrop…is Jan 20th considered “recent”?

And these pink teardrops don’t always correspond with what I’m seeing on the map at the right side of the page; e.g. I can click on the pink teardrop “A” to the left of an Observation, but it will direct me to a pink teardrop “P” on the map with an entirely different Observation. But some match up correctly…? So not exactly sure what is going on…

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The pink teardrops are only for the 200 observations on each page you are on. For example, if you are on page 2 of your observations, all 200 observations on that page and that page only will have pink teardrops. All other observations on other pages will not have pink teardrops. If you then go to page 3 of your observations, all 200 on page 3 will be the only observations marked with pink teardrops. The ones on page 2 previously marked will go back to normal. Also if you were to switch to let’s say 30 observations showing per page there would only be 30 pink teardrops on your map.

Notice the pink tear drop next to the observation. The letter corresponds to the pin on the map.

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Ahhh…I see. Thanks everyone for clearing up my confusion. Based on how this works, I think viewing Observations in a page view of 30 or 50 rather than 200 makes the may/this icon system less “messy” for my viewing. Thanks again!

yeah if it were me i’d rather there not be pink teardrops and they all display the same way, but i don’t feel strongly about it

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also, if the tear has a small white circle in it then the observation is research grade

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Yes, that’s how I feel as well. Even if they were a bit smaller so they wouldn’t overwhelm the map view so much…

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There are times when I like the way it is (lettered teardrops), and then there are times I wish it were all points the same

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That map and that page in general are due for a redesign, they’re very old and I don’t think I even go to it often (unless I need to batch edit) or pay attention to that map anymore as I find clicking on “Your Observations” in the header a much better way to view and search my observations.


i do find that it’s somewhat faster and easier than your observations, and i like the format better in that the table of observations isn’t in the middle of the map (which was mentioned here recently). so i hope it doesn’t go away but…

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Ah, that explains why it was only showing North America for me, and why on some of the more prolific users it is zoomed in to city-level or smaller. I was wondering about that. :)

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