What is(are) your dawn chorus species?

Now that’s interesting. The approximate equivalent in Spanish (Bien-te-veo) is a name for the Black-whiskered vireo.

I think there is a difference in tense. Bien-te-veo means “I see you well,” but I think your Portuguese one is past tense?

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Here in Johannesburg it’s the Cape Robin-chat (Cossypha caffra). Starting just before 3:30am. Also voted SAs favorite bird in a poll by Birdlife SA.

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Welcome to the Forum, @doug263 :)

For me it’s Bewicks Wren, American Crow, House Finch, annoying cars, and sometimes Northern Mockingbird and Dark-eyed Junco

Correct! In portuguese it would be “I saw you well”
That’s so interesting though! Similar names for different birds, that aren’t even visually similar

Here in Colorado, I don’t live far from the river so we get some rather interesting morning guests. Blue Herons (and they’re loud obnoxious children) are a regular morning occurrence, Sandhill cranes and a whole multitude of ducks (each with their own, equally jarring, sound) greet me in the mornings. See you out there!

in spring and summer i go to sleep to pacific chorus frogs one of my favorite frog species.

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