What is the method of changes to notifications from place subscriptions?

I am just trying to figure out when I should look at the observations in my notifications of place subscriptions, because it seems like they keep changing. For example, earlier today I got a notification of one observation from a place I subscribe to, but I didn’t open the observation. Just now, two additional observations were added to the same notification. Is there a certain amount of time during which new observations are added to the same notification? Does a new notification mean that an older notification from the same place has stopped having observations added to it? Does looking at the observations in a notification prevent new observations from being added to that notification?

I’d guess/infer the answers to these in order are yes, I don’t know, and no. Others will be able to tell you more/confirm. I’ve also noticed the subscription notifications are more difficult to keep track of, because they don’t show up in the speech icon notifications and they also quickly get buried under other notices on Dashboard. So I’d be open to learning how to better organize/view them. Although I don’t mind them fading away, because there would be too many otherwise. I think of them as secondary importance.

Thanks for responding. I’ve been going through these notifications since my first post here, and I was starting to think I was losing my mind, so I’m glad to know someone else finds these confusing.

if you’re talking about the home page:

… i think the way the page works is it gets 50 notifications per page and then tries to group certain types of notifications together – ones that come from the same taxon or place subscription, for example. so i think part of what controls the groupings is where the particular page cuts off its 50 notification records, and part of it may be the inclusion / order of other notifications like identifications and comments which show up ungrouped.

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I’m subscribed to the Delta wasp genus. I notice sometimes I get two subsequent notification lines in the Dashboard feed for two separate observations. Unsure if this is due to them being in very different locations (I’m not subscribed to any locations, by the way), or due to differences in time they were first suggested to be Delta by an identifier.

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