Subscribe to a taxon near me

Is it possible to just get notifications for observations near me? Or within a set boundary? If not, it should be!

Yes. You can do this with the “subscribe to a place” feature. If none of the pre-existing places match the region you’d like to follow you can create your own place to subscribe to.

You can also limit your subscription to a specific taxon.

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Hello Ben, welcome to the forum!

It is possible to subscribe to a taxon from a certain place. On the homepage, there is a section called Subscriptions, where you can subscribe to any combination of Place and Taxon. You will then be able to see these observations in your dashboard under “Following”.

By default, you should only be getting notifications on your own observations and observations to which you have contributed a comment or an ID.
I don’t know of a way to turn off notifications that are from outside a specific area.
However, in your user settings you can choose whether to get email notifications for certain types of activity.
You can also “unfollow” any given observation manually.

edit: great timing y’all

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Scroll down the right side of your dashboard on the website to get to “Subscribe to a Place.”

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I find it strange that you cannot follow by town.

If you add your town to iNaturalist as a new place, you’ll be able to. Details here:

You’ll want to find an accurate KML file for the town’s legal boundary first.


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