What is Your Favorite Birding Hotspot?

What is your favorite birding site? Mine would have to be Huntington Beach State Park South Carolina.

I’ve never been to Huntington Beach SP, but have birded a lot in SC. It’s a great place to bird. My favorite is Cherry Valley NWR - Headquarters Tract in Stroudsburg, PA. It’s close to home and has a diversity of habitats. Excellent iNatting too.

Hornsby Bend water treatment plant in Austin, Texas

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Olenevka, Crimea, a spot of very active spring migration.


Too hard to pick just one! I do have a favorite region though, north Brevard County, FL (plus Orlando Wetlands Park): Merritt Island NWR / Canaveral NS, Orlando Wetlands Park, Jetty Park. I did a my 2022 Global Big Day in that area!

There are a number of places in NE Ohio where I like to explore.

We have this wonderful resource started by a birder from NE Ohio years ago, Ken Ostermiller. He made a web page for every hot spot in Ohio where people could add maps, descriptions, locations of things like restrooms and possible species. He has expanded it to other states. Anyone can send information to update/add to the pages. It is a great addition to eBird Hot Spots web pages. Ken has handed off the site to the Ohio Ornithological Society. Sometimes, you want to explore a new place but, you just can’t get a lot of information from a park website. These pages are made for birders.

For Ohio:


For other states:


Point Pelee National Park- https://parks.canada.ca/pn-np/on/pelee

Every migration season birds gather here before crossing the Great Lakes. Everything from the smallest warblers to raptors show up.

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Around me? Patuxent Wildlife Refuge or Rock Creek Park.

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