What location should I put if animals were imported accidentally from somewhere nearby?

So, today wood was brought in to our house from a nearby place about an hour away from here. In between all the wood, I saw lots of new bugs. But as I went to post them I didn’t know which location I should do it in. At my house where I actually saw them, or where they come from?

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As they were moved unintentionally you can post the location they’re currently on and where you’ve found them, you can’t tell if some of them got to the wood in the process of moving, and at the moment they’re there and it’s a legit place, you could use original date of when the transportation started for boring insects if you want to document their presence in original spot.

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I agree with @marina_gorbunova . I’ve seen flowers growing wild that I likely know came from the other side of the street. Also, documenting where you saw them may help track pest species spread. The emerald bark beetle (Agrilus planipennis) originated in Asia, but tracking its progress is important here in North America. It’s in Winnipeg now, and it doesn’t matter where the infected wood came from. What matters is the presence.
If you know the source of the wood, you could put that in your comments, but what matters is where you found the insect.

I would put it wherever along the line you took the photo of them.

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