What to do about a misleading photo for a plant species?

When I uploaded a picture of a blue larkspur which I was pretty sure was Nuttall’s, the ID for D. carolinianum came up with a blue flower, with a slight aqua hue. It did not look like any wild larkspur I had seen. Delphinium caroliinianum ssp virescens is called plains larkspur in Colorado, but wild blue larkspur in INat and elsewhere. The flowers are whitish or cream with sometimes blue veins or markings (dark “eyes”). I have never seen a blue one in Colorado, but thought, well it is called wild blue larkspur. When I looked further into the species, all the other photos showed the creamy white with slight dark blue or purple marking in the “eye” of the flower for D. carolinanium. It is misleading to have the sample picture be an atypical outlier. What can be done about this?

To the right of the tabs (Map - About - Taxonomy, etc.) of each taxon page, you’ll see a Curation drop-down. Click it, then click “Edit Photos.” You can also flag it, but doing it yourself is faster.


You should change it. I had to change the photo for genus Adenocaulon because it was of a completely different plant, Antennaria, probably for over an year!


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