Seek asks to replace photo for newly-sighted species

Carrie, I think you got some information from me earlier today about this. I did not know that the identifications needed to be new, but many of them were.

I also told you about another problem I had been having for several days. I had suspected something was amiss several days ago, but really started watching it today. When I id a new plant, (1) the app will say “Replace photo?”, then show what would normally be my new photo and my old photo, with the date of the old photo underneath that picture, except that this is just showing my new photo in both places, with no date underneath. It asks "Would you like to replace the photo of your resighted observation? (2) Then, regardless of which option I choose the next screen says “You observed a new species!”

I just don’t see how this is not a bug. I identify a new plant. The app asks if I want to replace my old photo with the new one. But there is no old photo. Then it says I have observed a new species. This happened on Garlic Mustard today, a plant I had never identified before. I surely think this qualifies as a flowering plant, yet in the Wildflower Challenge I still see “0 observed so far”.

I’m pretty sure I also submitted the log files for that observation, because I was really trying to pay attention to what the app was doing. I think you have even responded to that log file message, but now that I’m back at my computer I thought I could type a better explanation than I did on my phone.

Thank you all again for looking into this. I could be crazy, and this could be user error, but I surely don’t see what I could be doing wrong.

Rodney Pearson

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I should have added one more thing. Seek is doing the exact same thing on my wife’s phone. She gets the “replace photo?” question even on new identifications, and she is not getting any credits for new wildflower identifications. We do get “Continue challenge?” when we open the app, and the challenge shows as in progress, so we think we have started it, if there is such a thing.

One more thing. You mentioned “the developer” in an earlier message. Is one person the developer for both the iOS and the android app? If so, I am very impressed. I am an iOS developer, and that’s a handful to keep up with. I really can’t imagine creating and maintaining both platforms.

Rodney Pearson

One thing that I thought of during the night, if Seek is classifying all plants as “resighting” regardless of whether they are new or resighted, I guess that would explain why we can’t get a Wildflower Challenge plant.

I made a bug report for this a little while ago:

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How long does it take them to fix a known bug? This has been at least two weeks.

I can replicate this following the description in @tiwane’s bug report. Following an event when I actually resight a species, it continues to ask “replace photo” for new species until I force quit the app. If you both force quit the app, does the “replace photo” prompt go away?

This is a good hypothesis. When I tried to replicate, I was still able to make progress on challenges while getting the not applicable “replace photo” prompt. What happens for you with challenges after force quitting? Are you able to start making challenge progress again?

Yes, we have one React Native Seek developer who is also leading a complete rewrite of the iNaturalist mobile apps in React Native.

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Yes, force quit does stop the erroneous “replace photo” prompts. But we have never successfully gotten any credit on the wildflower challenge, despite identifying numerous new species.

Thank you for following up.

I can report that as of April 8 the Seek app still has this bug that was reported about 6 weeks ago. It’s hard to keep replicating the bug because you have to identify a new species and at some point you’re running out of new species that you can find.

Today I identified Upright Carrionflower for the first time. The first screen that comes up is incorrect – it says “Replace photo?” It has two pictures. If this were indeed a re-sighting, it would have my new picture on the left, and my old picture on the right. Underneath the righthand photo would be the date that the picture had been taken. What this shows however, is my new picture in both spots, and no date underneath.

The next screen says “You observed a new species!”

The app is clearly confused on whether you have identified a new species or re-sighted one.

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I split this conversation off from the original topic in case it’s a separate bug from angiosperms and challenges.

We just released a beta version of Seek that should fix this bug: version 2.14.2 (249). It’s working for me so far, but it would be great to know if it’s working for others as well.

Links for becoming a Seek beta tester: