When are we going to be able to add species that are not listed on this platform?

When are we going to be able to add species that are not listed on this platform ?


First of all welcome! iNaturalist is trying it’s best to get them down! There are some many great species out there! If you notice something is missing feel free to talk to a curator, staff, admin or anyone else! In the case a type of species is missing you can tap “Search Other Poviders”. Hope this helps!

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I think @vfarjalla is referring to the content freeze.

The content freeze was supposed to be over this morning, but something’s going on and it hasn’t been removed yet. Patience is all we have.


Yeah, we all have a long list of taxa that need to be made, and the observations that need the IDs. Nothing to do but wait.

Curators have been able to manually add any taxa through the freeze. Anything that gets flagged is in the queue. Requests are certainly coming in at an above average rate likely due to the CNC.

Speaking as one of the curators trying to deal with the flags, we are getting to them as quickly as possible. Some taxa are very quick and easy to add, other requests require significant research.


the content freeze is supposed to be over and seems to be as far as I can tell

@loarie - nope, just tried 10 seconds ago to commit a saved taxa change and got the 403 forbidden message. Something is still locked.

Content Freeze

During the content freeze some types of content cannot be created, destroyed, or modified. We expect this functionality to return by May 10, 2020.


sorry - I guess is unfreezing as we speak so give it a few minutes



Now they are going through.

Sorry, this might be a bad question but what’s a content freeze?

During the period immediately around the City Nature Challenge, certain functionality on the site which can be server intensive was turned off. The period ended yesterday (or at least was scheduled to)

I know that because of the city nature challenge some things were down but I didn’t know they were calling it a called a content freeze. Thanks!

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