When automatic CV is turned off, add a button or something to search CV suggestions anyway in the Android app


Having CV suggestions turned on constantly slows down the workflow significantly because the app, which is already slow, HAS to search for CV suggestions before letting you type in your own ID.

However, having it turned off means that the app NEVER shows CV suggestions, even when you want them. You have to manually go turn the setting on, search for the thing, and then manually turn it back off.

Suggestion: Add a way to search for CV suggestions just once, as opposed to either a) constantly having it automatically search for them, or b) having to turn the setting on and then back off.

Thanks for reading and considering.



Hm, that’s not intended, and not my experience. I can tap the “Species Search” field before the vision results load. You’re saying that doesn’t work for you? What version of the app and what device are you using?



Starts* to search for CV suggestions using up time/resources and requiring you to tap again to type in your own ID

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Of course, now that I am trying to replicate the issue so I can explain when and how it happens, it doesn’t so it. :roll_eyes:

But what was happening was that I was tapping the bar to type but it wouldn’t let me type (or push the back button, or anything - basically froze everything else on the phone except the CV) until it loaded the CV suggestions.

App version is 1.11. 13 (337) and I am using a Galaxy S8 (model is SM-G950U) with Android 8.0



Yeah I mostly use the iPhone app and I turn off the algorithm even though I prefer to use it pretty often, because it slows down the workflow a lot to have it on and because in areas of intermittent cell service (or if I turn on airplane mode to save battery) it won’t work. I know lots of people use the app differently but I too would use the algorithm more and find it much more useful if I could have it not run by default but instead as clockwood described, perhaps with a button on the observation.

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