Did I accidentally turn off CV for "identify" mode? How to get it back?

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I think that in the past, when using “Indentify” mode, I could click on Add ID and put my courser in the box for the name and the CV would offer suggestions. Now it doesn’t.

The CV does offer suggestions if I click through to the observation itself.

Before this problem, I used the CV often so that I could get the name spelled correctly and do that quickly. I rarely used it for actual ID’s.

I noticed this problem after I tried to get the CV to suggest only nearby observations. I was told I could do that by using “Compare” (which isn’t available in “Identify”) so I clicked through to an observation and tried clicking on various things under “Compare.” Nothing helped in a general way (beyond the individual observation) so I gave up.

Did I accidentally turn off CV for the “Identify” mode? Is my memory that I could use CV in “Identify” mode incorrect? If CV can be used in “Identify” mode, how do I get it back?

To my knowledge, CV has never been active on this tab of the Identify modal. You have to go to the Suggestions tab and choose Visually Similar from Source.


Thank you. I was misremembering. That takes care of that. (Would be nice if it were available in “Identify” but that’s another thing entirely.)

I have often thought so, too, but I wonder if it is intentional to get people to be more mindful in Identify mode.

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I’m pretty sure we originally didn’t allow this to reduce the number of times the model is accessed from the identify page. Whether or not that’s still an issue I don’t know, but I’m currently OK with the current implementation (although I’d love for my choices in the Suggestions tab to be sticky and persist any time I use Identify).

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