Where can i see butterflies and dragonflies around Lund, Sweden

I have visited Stadsparken and surrounding green areas and i have only seen Pieris sp and have not seen any dragonflies.

Can someone advise where around Lund can i find butterflies and dragonflies?

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Try looking at locations on a map like this https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=44949&subview=map&taxon_id=47792


Don’t know Lund specifically, but you could download the app Naturkartan to look for nearby nature reserves and other natural points of interest in all of Sweden. I think it’s only in Swedish, though. From a quick look there, Vombsjön/Vombs ängar and Höjeådalen seem to be nice places, but I can’t guarantee anything. Otherwise maybe look for allotment areas (koloniträdgård, koloniområde) in the city, they usually have high biodiversity.

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Additionally, there is a Swedish website that is similar to iNat – artfakta.se – where there probably are more observations to check biodiversity hotspots in your area.


Thanks jensu. I will visit the Lund botanics garden where there seem to be quite a few observations


I looked through your observations, and it looks like you had a quite successful outing in the Botanic Garden :blush:

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