Where do I start?

Welcome to iNaturalist. Yes, I see that you have now made 2 postings on iNaturalist and that the observations were made using Seek. Things do connect through now so that is great. In some ways, just posting a query on the forum, puts you miles ahead.It was quite a while before I realized it existed.

So far you have posted plants and now at some point someone will either agree or suggest something they feel is a better choice. Casual observations may take longer for community identification than non-introduced species. It can be a bit of a waiting game but even just having the computer vision make a suggestion can be rewarding in itself. You may find that certain organisms such as certain birds reach Community ID very rapidly, sometimes within minutes of being posted. Other organisms can take a while. It just depends on how many are trying to hone their visual skills at identification.

You asked what to take out with you. There is a good forum thread here: What’s in your field kit?

You asked about books. There is a good forum thread here: Current or general favorite field guides?

If you are using a smartphone, which I think you are, then you are off to a great start as there are so many resources right there at you finger tips. I think I used iNaturalist for 2 years before I had a smartphone and had no idea what could have been available.