Where to submit singing bird videos

I am getting some really excellent videos of singing birds from my Ring camera. Where can I submit them?

You can’t upload videos to iNat, only audio, photos and gif, so you need to use converters to make those from your videos.

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What I do with videos I take is use https://online-audio-converter.com to convert to m4a (audio only), which you can then upload to iNat. I then have a youtube channel that I can upload the videos to, and link them in the observation description.


Sorry my question wasn’t clear, I already do that and have uploaded songs to iNaturalist, with and sometimes without photos. But these are quality short close-up videos of the bird actually singing, and I thought perhaps bird ID sites could use them. But maybe I don’t understand about the YouTube link. Do you include that in a comment?

Not exactly sure how to apply or sign up for it, but some Ebird users are able to upload videos to ebird, but only select users.

yes, you can put the link in a comment or in the observation description. This option is just to allow other users to see the video, it won’t get used by iNat.

Otheriwse you’ll need to find something like eBird as Liam mentioned

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I did this last year after getting video of a gull eating a fish on the beach. I shared the video on Twitter (you could upload it to any platform you wish) and put the link in a comment in the Observation.



If you can get good screenshots from your videos, you could upload those as photos.

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