Which of the three lenses on a smartphone to use

Which of the 3 lenses should I use to photograph plants and their elements?
"50 MP primary? a 5MP ultrawide ?, 2MP macro shooter " -?
I have googled this subject to realize I’m in a search bubble that yields everything on the topic of food photography.

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Which phone do you have?

I’m about to get samsung a14 or a24.

I looked at the Samsung website and found this page with user manuals for the a14. I’m sure you could find a similar page for the a24. The manual doesn’t give the kind of details I would like to see.

Even so, the 50 megapixel (MP) camera has the most resolution, and an angle of view that’s good for general photography. You will use that when the subject is a decent distance from the lens (say, 15 cm or more) and you can back up far enough to get in everything you want. The ultrawide will have a lot less resolution (but still good enough) and might be useful for taking a picture of a tree when you can’t back up very far.

The 2 MP macro shooter is for objects between 3 and 5 cm from the lens, so could be good for insects, small flowers, and seeds. The 2 megapixel resolution is good enough for most uses, and will be better than using the primary camera from further away (so it doesn’t blur) and then severely cropping the image.


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