Who decides when an observation taxon can't be improved

I asked a question about why I can’t get my IDs past the genus level for Having Thief Robber Flies on a board that specializes on such things and was told that the only way to get the ID was to differentiate bristle groups on their genitalia, which usually can’t be seen on field photos. Can I mark the ID as good as it gets or does a moderator have to do that?

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The community decides. If that’s what you feel (that the id cannot be improved), feel empowered to select it. iNaturalist is all about the community aspect and discourse.


Do it only with some genus ids added, without them or if the comunity taxon is above genus - observation will become casual, and you wouldn’t want that.


In general, be cautious using that option. Specialists may be able to ID something that seems totally impossible to work with. I personally do use that option but only for taxa I specialize in where I know that it is not possible to ID further due to missing information.


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