Why is this observation casual?

Why is this observation casual: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/22127437 ? It doesn’t seem to fit any criteria that would cause it to be.

Because someone voted that the id can not be improved and the level of consensus is too high up the taxa tree to get to research grade

For that specific picture, I think the lighting is the issue. It’s not really possible to see the colors and markings clearly enough for a more specific ID.
I’ll tell you this- they all bite!

Ok, got it. That flag is pretty difficult to spot.

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I think marking obs with “can’t be improved” should really only be done when it’s been in the needs ID pool for 6 months or more. Some specialist could come along and recognise it because it is the only one that is “shiny”, or some such weird secondary character. I know we have ID’d some spiders in NZ on worse photos than that!

2 days is I think not long enough to determine that it can’t be improved…


yeah the only time i really mark them early on is if they are a photo i took that came out blurrier than expected and there’sno real chance anyone can get it and it may annoy people.

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