Why are *Linderia antipoda* and *Bonnaya antipoda* difference species on iNat?

There are two different species page on iNat:
L. antipoda
B. antipoda,
but according to taxonomical databases like Plants of the World, these two are synonyms.
Why does iNat treat them as different ones?

Probably because two different people using two different sources entered them, the second one without realizing that the first one was present (or that there was a synonym to worry about). What you can do in this case is flag one or both of them for curation, and explain why. You can find that menu on the taxon page, just above the map on the right side.


Thank you, and I reported it

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Yes, there is a lot of clean-up still to do for synonyms like this on the site. “Job” security for the site curators!

Thank you for following @psweet’s advice and flagging the taxon in iNaturalist. I’m closing this topic to re-direct discussion to the flag https://www.inaturalist.org/flags/502272