Why are ring-billed gulls listed as threatened?

Larus delawarensis is listed as imperiled or critically imperiled in several seemingly random US states:


There’s no other information to suggest that this is true, and it caught my attention because they’re one of the most common birds in the country, but the multiple, varying listings seem like a lot to be a mistake or a bug. Am I missing something?

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HI @polypody, welcome to the forum! The best place to ask questions about specific taxa is in a flag – go to the taxon page, such as https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/4364-Larus-delawarensis, and click Curation>Flag for Curation. Here is a similar question that was asked for Illinois: https://www.inaturalist.org/flags/213015

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Those codes are all based on breeding status and can be really misleading - some species are listed as threatened or endangered in areas near the edge of their range where they have never been numerous.

In this example, RBGU is a rare and sporadic breeder in Idaho and Colorado (but a common winter resident).


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