Why do all these leaf footed bugs and roaches gather in our Vitex and our bird feeder?

It is very strange that all these roaches and leaf-footed bugs gather on the bird feeder. Every night they crawl over the feeder, mate, then we see them in the vitex tree during the day. What is happening?

Well, bird feeders contain food that insects can enjoy, too. Plus, birds poop around feeders and lots of insects are attracted to that (good minerals). If they stayed at the feeder during the day, then they’d be likely to become bird food themselves.


Coreids are probably feeding on the tree, while the roaches (I imagine some sort of small Ectobiid?) are probably feeding on miscellaneous detritus like leaf litter or little bits from the seed, plus, attracting bugs means you dont only attract granivorous birds but the insectivores too

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Sorry, I forgot to put pictures…


They’re both feeding on the bird food (note extended proboscis of coreid, indicating that it was not merely passing by). That’s basically all there is to it.


Are those on the bottom Zelus, assassin bugs?


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I think they are nymphs of the leaf footed bugs


Interestingly enough, they are still there now, even though most of the seeds are gone. They fly around and wander through the tree.

oh yeah, I see now

I need to get a cockroach feeder!!! That is such a good idea!! (I like cockroaches)

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