Why does bark beetle belong to weevil?

I am a newbie in learning beetle and the topic is a problem that I’m struggling with.

Welcome to the forum. Are you trying to learn taxonomy, identification, or something else about this group of beetles?

I’m learning the identification of Coleoptera. When I find out that bark beetle is a subfamily of weevils, I don’t understand if there are any features of bark beetles that are similar to weevils.

They don’t need to be visually similar, they evolved from weevils which is shown by genetics, but they also look like weevils too.


Oh thanks. Originally I’m just confused without seeing the signature proboscis of weevils.

They actually have a small one, they look different from dorsal side, but when you look at them from the side, it’s less surprising they’re related (as you, I was surprised they’re related to weevils when I first found it out).


Note many weevil subfamilies do not possess the “weevil snout”. Entiminae is a prime example.

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The larvae probably also have characteristics that can help you understand why they’re related.

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