Why doesn't a given species ever show up among suggestions?

Why doesn’t Grindelia adenodonta (Taxon ID 551481) ever show up in suggested ID’s, despite >100 RG observations? It has a narrow range within Texas, but even so, it is the 6th most common Grindelia species observed in TX, and the 7th most common worldwide. Even if I type in Grindelia, it is always the last suggestion, after less common species. I haven’t noticed any other species that never shows up like this.


2 things:

  • frequency of records plays no role in the ordering of the suggestions, it is strictly based on perceived visual match
  • while it currently has over 100 records, the training model to run the computer vision tool is extremely computer resource intensive, so it is only run once or twice a year (species are not independently added once that 100 is reached, they have to wait), it is very possible the species was not yet at 100 the last time the training process was run.

In terms of how the ‘type-ahead’ works, that I don’t know, but as a hint, if you know you want to enter that species, enter the first 3 letters of each part of the binomial, so for instance gri ade as your entry, and you should get it earlier.