Why doesn't this obs show up?

Observation doesn’t show up:


I can see it.

Does not show up where?

On the observations page for the species–it says “no obs found” when I type in for find your obs

Is it still not showing there ?

Most likely it was due to the obsevation being casual grade at the time you posted this. It was casual due to votes in the Data Quality section, which have subsquently, at least at the time I write this to return it to needs ID.

Field drawings, journals etc are permitted on the site as evidence of a sighting, but some users either do not know, or do not care about this and mark the records as invalid.

Still showing as “no results found” My observation was labeled as casual but I did not label it as such. I didn’t think anyone else but the observer could label an obs as casual. How can I get that designation removed?

You can’t remove it, you can only influence it. The status (which I see has returned between my 1st reply and this on) is due to 2 users voting No in the Evidence of Organism data quality metric.

If you place a vote for yes, it will be (currently) a 2:2 tie in that metric returning it to needs ID.

As I mentioned above, drawings are permitted as evidence of a sighting, but there are users who either do not know this, or know it but still do not accept them as valid and as such will downvote any drawings they find.

How do I place a vote? Does this mean that drawings have less validity than photos in iNaturalist? This obs was made in 2005. I did not have a camera. There is no way I could have gotten a photo. Should be obvious but maybe I should have stated this in the notes?

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Does not show up on the species obs page–no results found–sorry should have been clearer. Somehow it got labeled as “casual” which I did not do. I only label casual if plant is cultivated.

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You go down to the bottom of the page and vote yes beside Evidence of Organism.

Drawings are as acceptable as a photo for a record, there is no heirarchy of acceptability, this is iNat policy. As I have said, there are users either unaware of this policy, or who do not support this policy who will vote against such records.

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Thank you. Got it!

Now the record has been upvoted 5 yes as evidence of organism vs. 2 against but still seeing the “no results” when I look for my obs in the species page

The only thing I can think of is if you have a default geography applied to your account it is used on that page by default. For example I have mine set to Canada, so when I click that I initially only see my records from Canada. Once I turn that filter off, those from outside Canada appear.

Both casual and need ID should appear in that view

That was it–thanks for the tip! I checked my account page and there was a United States setting for place common names–when I changed that to North America the observation was included.

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