Why is there no ongoing feedback of reporting of spam

Today I reported obvious spam related to someone who was advertising some ?gaming stuff. Not so many hours later, I cannot find the original posts (good) but also no communication/recognition that this has been banned and that I raised it.

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When you flag a user it automatically suspends them, so there is no need for curators to do anything unless the user isn’t spam, in which case we resolve the flag and unsuspend the user. That usually only happens when the site automatically flags people, though.

I just looked to see who you’ve flagged as spam, and it looks like you actually haven’t flagged anyone, so it must have just not registered.

Edit: I thought this was for the site, not the forum. This post is irrelevant then.

this was a flag for spam on the forum, not on iNat

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Oh, okay. Nevermind then.

When I see a flag for / a post or user that is obvious spam I usually delete the user and block the IP. I don’t think anyone gets a notification if we resolve a flag they brought up, unless it requires clarification or public intervention.


Is getting IP blocked like getting IP banned?

It just means you can’t use that IP address to access the site on any account.