Does flagging copyright infringement alert iNaturalist?

I just flagged a dozen or so photos from a user that were taken from the internet. Just wondering, will this get noticed by anyone? Will this user get banned or be sent a message to dissuade them from continuing this behavior. Or do I have to manually report this user to iNaturalist?

I flagged one record last week for same reason and it was dealt with very quickly.


Of course your flags are seen by moderators.

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Curators can see flags for images.
If I see that someone has gotten multiple flags I will contact the user. Sometimes they are willing to change their behaviour. If needed, I’ll ban the account, but it’s pretty rare that I have to – most of these users don’t stick around for long any way.


There are also a few of us curators who periodically run through flags for copyright. I’ve frankly found that the majority of users don’t respond to warnings, but I still give 24 hours to respond appropriately as suggested by staff. Users do get suspended fairly frequently for copyright issues, so I’m fairly sure that user in particular will be under close watch in case this is necessary :wink:


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