Why only year instead of a full date (yymmdd)

Why is there not a full date but only a year ? I always need a date so i really can not figure out why one should choose a year


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That’s just the site giving you a rough approximation of how long ago the observation was made. If you click on the obs you should see the exact date and time, and also if you hover the mouse over “7y”.


You can also click on List view to see more information about each observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&subview=table&user_id=ahospers&verifiable=any

Grid view is designed to emphasize photos rather than information.


…and if you want to, you can filter by year/month/day:

For example: &year=2018&month=4&day=19

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If it was for photos it should show photos.
But it does not …80% has no photo

It would be much better if it just showed the observations.
But it does not
I want to show all dates from 2010 till 2020 and show all countries and seasons.

Blockquote I was looking for a photo of a genus

So i have to change every time the date, very nice solution if you have 120.000 observations and 7 years of date (2100 dates).
This not for one photo and one date. This is for 20.000 fotos and 7 years of dates.


Ok, that’s a challenge ;-)

You want to upload your images to Commons? I think that’s a great idea but have no idea how to deal with bulk uploads.

Maybe wiki-user Kaldari can help you, because he is the author of iNaturalist2Commons: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Kaldari/iNaturalist2Commons

I want many many things and one those objects is preventing double upload. There are many many ways to prevent this but the simpelst one is adding DATES (with time) in stead of YEARS to photos.


No, WikiUploader is excellent in useability, performance and the amount of buttons and has a workflow https://download.cnet.com/Wiki-Uploader/3000-20418_4-78600545.html. It is not possible to edit afterwards, which i often do by the iNaturalist website.
With WikiUploader it is not possible to upload a photo again.

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