Showing date time in a way one can use it instead of a few years ago

Is it possible to show the date and time in such away it contains a lot of information and it is usefull ?

But in this page it is only showing months or years ago…which is rather useless as i often use date AND time.

Good (but unfortunately not 24H display)
After checking the data time is more often displayed than i first thought.

I think it is only displayed like that in “summary” situations. In observation view etc, and any CSV downloads, full date/time is shown.

If you are using the web site, and you hover your mouse over the “2y” in your screenshot example, it will pop up the exact date and time for you to see. It just displays, though - does not allow you to select or copy the exact date-time.

If you are using the phone apps, I don’t know if there is a way to hover and see the exact date and time.

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